Vertigo – AI for IoT & The Edge

Run offline, state-of-the-art face recognition on low-cost commodity hardware at real time frame rates.

AI gets interesting, when the increasing efficiency of the AI algorithms meets the increasing power of IoT SoCs and sensors that can be deployed at the edge, by anyone, everywhere at negligible cost. Utilizing our proprietary breakthrough-technology, our deep learning vision networks offer state-of-the-art accuracy, while being able to run at high speed on commodity off-the-shelf sensors smaller than a Raspberry Pi.

Our first product, libvertigo, is available now, offering:

  • A small, self-contained library with simple Python and C++ APIs
  • Support for all major processors and GPUs
  • 99.5 accuracy on the LFW benchmark at high frame rates
  • A GDPR compliant privacy-preserving solution
  • OpenMP, Dispatch, Metal, OpenCL, CUDA
  • Offline licensing available

Below are some older demos of libvertigo in use, please contact us at for more demos or licensing information.